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Beekeepers Participate in Workshop on Honey Production from Stingless Bees

Beekeepers this week participated in a five-day training workshop on how to improve beekeeping practices. The workshop was spearheaded by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXID). Extension Officer in Beekeeping for the Orange Walk District, Miguel Huertas, explained that training aims to equip participants with knowledge on the production of honey from stingless bees for export and to generate another stream of revenue for the country. 

Miguel Huertas, Beekeeping Extension Officer, Ministry of Agriculture: “We have a five day training in which consists of the apiculture and meliponiculture.  Being the apiculture is the one that we normally know the honey will be consumed here in Belize. The honey, natural honey in the market but the other one that we have and we’re focussing on for the training as well is the meliponiculture, the stingless bees.  It’s a native species that are not worth much here in Belize. For example, we are having the practical training today in which we have a hive here and we will multiply them in two. Now we have been training. We have been having new beekeepers and this industry is growing once again and now the training in meliponiculture we need to take advantage of what we have here in Belize and we have the ecosystem. We have a perfect environment in which we can take advantage and have these bees, harvest their honey and improve the pollination in the entire country and assist in making more economic, as in money and making more economic as in mohet  nd heat the environment.”