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Bees attack in Lord’s Bank Village

This morning members of a family came under attack by Africanized bees also known as killer bees. The attack sent them retreating into their home for refuge. Love News spoke with Shandae Moody about the incident.

Shandae Moody, Bee Attack Victim: “This morning my mom and my dad were outside, we were bathing the dog under a noni tree and I don’t know if the bees smelled the medicine that the dog was bathing with and they attacked my boyfriend and attacked him in his face and then we looked it was like the swarm just started to come. They bit my dad, my brother-in-law got about eleven bites; the dogs got bit up so we had to open the door and let everyone rush inside the house. My dad went outside and they just attacked him again so he had to rush inside. So we just had to stay locked up.”

The family is hoping that the Agriculture Department will answer their call and look into the situation.