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Behind the Scenes of Miss Universe

Miss Belize, Rebecca Rath, represented the country in the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant earlier this year. It was one the rarest periods whereby the entire country was behind “Bex”. Rath, unfortunately, did not place in the top 13 and she returned home on February 10, greeted by hundreds of Belizeans. But what we saw on television was only the glamour and beauty. What was happening behind the scene was drama and controversy. When Rath returned home we began hearing reports that the National Director of the Queen of the Jewel Organization, Opal Enriquez, and Rath did not see eye to eye. The reports we heard were scandalous and controversial but Tony Rath, father of Rebecca Rath, turned those reports into serious allegations against Enriquez in a five part blog entitled, “The Rocky Road to Miss Universe”. In “The Rocky Road to Miss Universe” the acclaimed photographer makes some nasty allegations against Enriquez. In part one of the blog entries, Rath writes quote, “I found that pageants can bring out the good in a country; the bad in people; and the outright ugliness in individuals.” End of quote. In part two, Rath states that Bex was experiencing meltdowns and alleges that quote, “These meltdowns invariably stemmed from a single negative source — which you will encounter later throughout this story — the appalling, narcissistic and bizarre behavior of the Miss Universe country director Opal Enriquez.” End of quote. As we said, Rath wrote five blog entries revealing the alleged behavior of Enriquez against Rebecca Rath. We could not reach Enriquez for comment as we were told that she is out of the country. However we did sent her an email for a comment. The rest of the blog can be found on Tony Rath’s fan page,