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Bejerano and Cruz Escape Arraignment for Murder and Robbery

Lincoln Bejerano and David Cruz Hyde are on the run after escaping from police custody in Belmopan this morning.  Love News spoke with the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie on the incident.


“Yes there were two prisoners, I was informed this morning who had escaped. One was charged for murder and one was charged for robbery and my understanding is that they were to appear in court today. The individual officer who we deem to be at fault will be dealt with. We believe that proper protocol wasn’t adhered to in terms of him going into cell block removing those prisoners to remove a blue shank and in that process they were able to escape from him.”

Love News understands that one of the men is being charged with the murder of a taxi man that occurred earlier this year while the other is being charged for the robbery at the Income Tax office in Belmopan in July 2016.