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BEL awards its Golden Citizens

Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) hosted a luncheon for 20 of 810 Belizeans who were selected to be part of their Golden Citizens Program. Every month BEL puts a credit to their account of up to 60 kilowatt hours and the utility company also waives fees for related services offered to senior citizens. The luncheon was held at the San Ignacio Resort  this afternoon and the Customer Care Manager, Lisa Stanford says that certificates for the other senior citizens will be h and delivered to their homes across the country.

Lisa Stanford Customer Care Manager: “So today BEL had its Golden Citizens Program Award Ceremonies where we honored 20 of our 810 beneficiaries this year. The BEL Golden Citizens Program allows BEL to give back to the community to our senior citizens that have given so much to this country. It also allows us to fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life for our customers. To be apart of the Golden Citizen Program first and foremost you need to be a Belizean 65 years and older, have an account with BEL and also you will be on it for life. So once you received this award you are on it for life. The value that we placed on the Golden Citizen Program is not in terms of value for money. It is in terms of BEL caring for our Golden Citizen and giving back. In some cases this benefits credit to their account. It’s more than enough for what they use the 60 Kilowatts per hour so the benefits that this program gives is beyond the value on money. In some cases it covers the entire bill but we encourage our Golden Citizens to register for it because it benefits as you can see from the people who are here and we also had a Golden Citizen person who did a testimony of how beneficial it was to him. This year in 2019 we have 810 beneficiaries overall since we started this program in 2012, it has been 7 years ago. We have over 2600 beneficiaries of the Golden Program. Every month BEL puts in a credit under the electricity bill of up to 60 Kilowatt hours so from the beginning; we started in January and this is just the ceremony so from the beginning of January these 810 people were selected and every month they get that credit. Also they get waivers or fees for any services that may might have at their home for anything, we also wave fees for our senior citizens.”

Sherman Juan BEL Golden Citizen Awardee: “I am 72 years old and I was born and raised in San Ignacio.”

Jose Sanchez: “As a retired Belizean getting this discount and the different benefits, being apart of the program how significant is it to you?”

Sherman Juan BEL Golden Citizen Awardee: “Well I was very grateful, very good from Belize Electricity Limited and I appreciate it alot because it helps me alot. At first I used to live working but now that I am off it is very difficult getting your major thing that you should face. I would like more of them to be pushing. Not for myself but let’s say you have some real ageable persons around. I am young in comparison to them and I am 72 already but they would need something like that.”

Alfita Chan BEL Golden Citizen Awardee: “I grow from I was small and until now Im still living in Benque and my work used to be selling lottery. I  am 72 years old, 9th of February 1947. This year I turned 72 and I am from Benque Viejo Del Carmen.”

Jose Sanchez: “Can you tell us how you feel to be apart of this program? How significant is it to you?”

Alfita Chan BEL Golden Citizen Awardee:  “It is of good significance and the first time I am here with all of us.”

Since 2012 there have been 2665 beneficiaries in the program. This has been the seventh consecutive year that BEL has held the award ceremony.