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BEL Caters to the Poor with Light on a Payment Plan

The frequency of fires caused by burning candles has propelled the Belize Electricity Limited to offer families that are struggling financially affordable payment plans. In A Press Release issued today, BEL expressed concern for families who have lost all property and risk their lives because they cannot afford to pay for electricity. BEL says that they want to provide the opportunity for customers and potential customers to afford safe and reliable electricity. They are asking all customers who are unable pay for their utility bill to visit their offices country wide and make arrangements to meet their payments other than resort to the unsafe use of burning candles. BEL also states that they are willing to help their customers with a connection plan to access electricity for the first time. According to BEL through the Social Rate Customers plan poor and marginalized families can reduce their electricity bills to less than a dollar a day. BEL reminds customers however that sharing and stealing of electrical power is illegal. Customers that are currently in that situation can visit BEL offices and arrange a reasonable payment plan.