BEL gives back to over seven hundred families

BEL gives back to over seven hundred families

Hundreds of families across the country were gifted this holiday season with a grocery hamper and a care package from the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). For the past 24 years, BEL has been assisting families through its annual Christmas hamper drive. The company partnered with several community organizations to deliver over 450 grocery hampers to deserving families and 250 care packages to senior citizens. BEL also held a Community Spotlight Awards Show where ten community-based organizations were recognized for the outstanding work they are doing in their respective communities. Here is a snippet from the show where the President of the Adopt a Child with a Disability Program, Juan Pablo Collado, spoke about the work his NGO is doing in the west.

Juan Pablo Collado, President, Adopt a Child with a Disability Program: “Adopt a child with disability was founded December 2016. As a physical therapist it’s my profession I started seeing patients all of a sudden one child with a disability came and I was touched and I started helping free of charge this child. And one told the other and the other told the other and all of a sudden I have over ten children that I am helping free of charge but then I’m getting overwhelmed so I decided let me try to get the community involved so I can bring more help and we can see more children. On a regular basis we were helping over fifty children I would say sixty children, providing them with free physical therapy but then later we were approached by other teams of volunteers that would come from the United States to provide speech therapy or occupational therapy or dental work so we would take our children and try to also provide these services whenever they were available to us. With COVID we were limited to seeing the kids indoors where we used to do the manual therapies and direct contact with the children wasn’t possible because they’re very fragile so I started indicating I knew about Equine Therapy Center and I said this is the perfect time to do therapy outdoors and what better than to do it with horses in an outdoor environment so that we may continue helping these children to start with the first Equine Therapy Center.” 

Other organizations that were awarded by the Belize Electricity Limited include the Rio Grande River Keepers, the Productive Organization for Women in Action, Mary Opens Doors, the Corozal Organization of East Indian Culture and Heritage, the Yurumein Project, the Caye Caulker Community Farm, the Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis Association of Belize, and the Yabra Football Club.

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