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BEL to launch a Distributed Generation Program for Solar Energy

Persons looking to harness the power of the sun may soon be able to sell some of that energy to Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). The electricity giant is looking to ramp up local energy production by expanding its renewable energy capabilities. According to Sean Fuller, BEL’s GM of Supply and Retails Services, the company has embarked on launching a distributed generation program for solar energy. Fuller says this initiative will see both BEl and consumers benefit from green renewable energy.

Sean Fuller, General Manager, Commercial and Retail Services, BEL: “The way how we are proposing to roll out distributed generation. First of all, we’ve submitted to the PUC, draft legislations to allow for distributed generations Solar PV. That is both the interconnection standards to ensure that these systems are installed properly and interconnected to a network safely and also two tariffs. The tariff for distributed generation and a feed in tariff that allows BEL to be able to purchase excess power from these producers, the independent producers, households because they will have solar systems on their roof that may have excess energy reserves that they want to feed back into the BEL grid. We want to be able to compensate customers for that, for the energy they export back to the grid. But, we’re also contemplating providing, in fact we’ve done the studies. We’ve done the development of customer propositions to be able to offer our customers Solar PV systems where we will own and operate the solar on your roof. You will have zero out of pocket. We will install the solar on your roof. You will enjoy the benefit of green energy. You will enjoy the benefit of the cheaper sources or the cheaper energy from that solar PV system. You will remain our customer and so there will not be per se revenue loss. It will just simply mean that the sources of energy that we have to purchase supply will also come from you. You will supply yourself and also the excess that you may have supplied from your system will also be able to feed into the grid and we’ll also be able to compensate you for that energy on some price set by the PUC.”