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BelAIFA donates to Liberty Children’s Home

The Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BelAIFA) held a food drive as part of Insurance Week which was celebrated from October 28 to November 3. Today, BelAIFA handed over the goods from the food drive to Liberty Children’s Home. Olga Herrera, the President of BelAIFA, told the media that the donation includes rice and flour.

Olga Herrera – President of BelAIFA:We have worked with the Liberty Children’s home by going to the different stores and asking the community to support this worthy cause and we collect non perishable goods to give to the Liberty Children’s home, from an association standpoint we believe that we should care for our community. I think as insurance advisors we are not just taking from the client but we feel that we need to give back and what the holy word says it’s only in giving back we will receive so it’s important for us to give back.”

Agatha Valentine, Director of Liberty Children’s Home, will benefit the thirty plus residents.

Agatha Valentine – Director of Liberty Children’s Home:When we look at providing holistic care and providing the needs for 30 plus children on a daily basis, it can be excessive, it can be a lot. We are looking at a recurring monthly expenditure of close to $30,000 so what this will enable us to do is put some resources in another direction so it has to do with our children’s welfare and ensuring I see fruits, I see vegetables, we are looking at a balanced meal and a balanced diet which isn’t always easy to accomplish. We have seen an increase in local involvement from different corporate entities and I want to extend and invitation to other people, even individuals to come out and visit us, see what we do on a daily basis, it’s not always good to toot your own horn but I can say that we are one of the more structured and one of the more best service providers to when it comes to residential services so come out and see what we do and how we do it and where you resources go to and how it is well utilized.”

Today’s donation has become a tradition of sorts, as BelAIFA donates to Liberty Children’s Home every year during insurance week.