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Belama Phase 4 land, Who is Lu Tsun-Tieh?

The Belama Phase Four land issue has taken an unusual turn.  A letter from an attorney was sent to the media to make it clear that the man who everyone spoke of as the alleged owner of the land Alex Chang is not the owner. The letter from a purported attorney Brandon Usher, is saying Chang is the attorney for the real owner of the property, who is Lu Tsun-Tieh. Confused yet? It says that Chang “is the lawful attorney, by virtue of a Power of Attorney document, of Lu Tsun-Tieh, the rightful and legal owner of these properties in Belama…as the lawful attorney of Mr. Lu, he was tasked with the day to day business of Mr. Lu, of which serving notices to vacate on the current illegal occupants…is one of the measures he has begun to safeguard Mr. Lu’s legal interest in the properties.”

The intention it seems is to for the squatters to leave, though they offer lease agreements. The letter says “to allow time for these illegal occupants time to vacate the properties, lease agreements shall be circulated to the occupants…we warn that if any occupant refuses to sign…we shall not hesitate to issue a notice to vacate…in a competent court of law in Belize.” The letter also urges the media to confirm facts before making reports. Well there is one more allegation as sources close to Love News allege Chang bought property from Tsun-Tieh and he is a landowner in Belama Phase 4.