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Belcan Barricaded with Burning Tires

That is what came out of the branch meetings that were held across the country today. We’ll get to that in just a few but first we go to the chaos that ensued on Belcan Bridge in Belize City. Tires were set on fire across the bridge causing traffic to be blocked. Fire fighters responded immediately and quickly doused off the flames. Police arrived on the scene and two persons were detained. They are Sticks who is known for his Days of Healing initiative and one by the name “Big Jun” who is a member of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA. Geovanni Brackett, the President of COLA, Geovanni Brackett was also out there in the mix of it all.


“What happened we have the video here, we don’t even know who lit any fire on this bridge. What we can tell you is that we like any other viewer came out here and we saw the bridge blocked. So like any other person standing by we were entertained by it so we were watching it. Then the police will arrest two of our people here. Sticks was all day with those guys over at the teacher’s union so we have an alibi. This is complete injustice. They took sticks and Big Jun. This is complete chance.”


“What I saw here now was the police wrongfully arresting two guys, well I don’t know the first one in the green shirt but I know the other one he was with us at the teacher’s thing as well so I am telling you with evidence, with a video that they wrongfully arrested that man. So I will talk to my sister and yet another lawsuit will be filed against the police department.”

The men were taken to the Queen Street Police Station.