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Belize adds another 100-plus new COVID infections

Belize today recorded 122 new COVID-19 cases. The majority of those cases were reported in Belize Districts with Belize City accounting for 36 of the 53 cases in the district tallied today. The good news is that for another report there were no fatalities and 96 recoveries. However, active cases stand at one thousand one hundred and fifty-four. It’s a situation that has the Ministry of Health and Wellness concerned. The Head of the Ministry’s epidemiology unit, Dr. Russell Manzanero spoke about the increase in cases, warning that although the current strain of COVID-19 is not as severe as the delta variant, it can be passed from person to person very easily. 

Dr.Russell Manzanero, Epidemiologist, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “COVID is still here. I mean COVID never left. With the new variant perhaps we’re seeing less severe cases, you’re not seeing individuals go in for testing, you’re not individuals being hospitalized or dying so the numbers pretty much is what we’re seeing from enhanced surveillance to individuals who are actually going with some symptoms. Asymptomatic cases or those with mild cases perhaps might not be going for testing and these numbers are still out there so the possibility is that there is still an increase of cases out there, the transmission is ongoing. At this point it is upon us. I mean when we’re talking about COVID definitely you need to talk about prevention measures and responsibility each person has so you need to take that into consideration, the use of the mask , the social distancing, if you are able to get vaccinated then do it so those are the things we need to do. Of course hand hygiene so those are the instances we’re still trying to encourage. I know the severity is not as before with the Delta or with the original strain but those numbers are still out there. I mean individuals are still going to be getting sick, if you are a person who has a high risk, you have an underlying condition and you have not been vaccinated then the possibility is that you might be affected with a severe form so that’s the reason why we encourage you to take the vaccine especially if you’re one of these individuals who has some underlying condition as well.”