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Belize and El Salvador Strengthen Ties

Celi Paz has been the Ambassador for Belize to El Salvador since 2010.  While she currently resides in that Central American country, Ambassador Paz is in Belize and was at the Foreign Affairs Ministry yesterday where Love News spoke to her on her role and duties as the Ambassador to El Salvador.


“Charges posted there are mostly active in government agreements, bilateral agreements; that I have to follow up and most likely, it’s more party to party country; and we have good relations on commercial sides and we have commercial agreements that are about to finish. We have a political agreement also that was lately signed; so that is mostly my role to communicate and have good relations with the government there in El Salvador.”

While relations with El Salvador and Belize are not headlining in the news or the media, there are works being done at strengthening bilateral relations and bringing into effect some programs for the benefit of both citizenry.


“This agreement proves in the policy of international affairs like scholarships and mostly inside internal for the ministries either in El Salvador or here in Belize. Since this agreement was made we are focused to give more approvals and connections on this type of program with the languages that we have here in Belize and we have the possibility of product international relations, universities in El Salvador that we can do the exchanges for Belize and El Salvador.”

Ambassador Paz was born in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and migrated to San Salvador at a young age where she pursued her studies and family life.