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Belize and Guatemala Sign Agreement on Custody of Prisoners

There hasn’t been any publicizing of it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but Love News has learnt from an online publication in Guatemala that Belize has signed onto an agreement surrounding the enforcement of prison sentences.  The signed agreement reportedly has up to six articles of understanding and was drafted with the idea that both countries are to maintain and deepen friendly bilateral relations.  The agreement is based on the rehabilitation of convicted criminals and provides for each country to have their respective citizens that are incarcerated across the border to return to their country and serve out their sentences in their country of origin.  Article three of the document speaks of having penalties payable in the prisoners’ country of origin if there is a fine or penalty attached.  The document also notes that every prisoner must be made aware of this agreement between both countries and must, at all times, be updated on their status as it relates to the transfer process.  This signed agreement is reportedly based on the Framework for Confidence Building signed by both countries on September 7, 2005, in which one of the purposes is to maintain and deepen friendly bilateral relations until the territorial, insular and maritime dispute is resolved permanently.  It is also based on the roadmap for strengthening bilateral relations, signed in Washington, DC, United States, on January 24, 2014 by the two foreign ministers.  The agreement is for a term of ten years and has automatic renewal unless one of the parties, through diplomatic notification, decides to end it.  In that case the termination of the agreement will take place one year after submission of the diplomatic note.