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Belize and Guatemala Table Ideas to Address Guatemalan Incursions

The incursions by Guatemalan nationals have not gone unnoticed by President Giammattei. As a matter of fact, the issue came up in yesterday’s discussion with Prime Minister Briceno, and ideas were tabled to see how best the matter could be addressed.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “More importantly what we did is to speak about strengthening the OAS office at the border because they’re the ones that go out to do the verification as to where we are. We did mention that the government, their government needs to help us in relocating these people but we believe also that in the next years to come that they ICJ once we have a ruling and they determine what our borders which I believe it is the one we know where the borders are it will make it far easier. But what we have asked is for them to discourage more people to be moving into our territory and then to have both sides along with the OAS to go and physically identify these people that are coming into our territory so that then we can escort them out to go back into the Guatemalan side.”

Prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eamon Courtenay and the recently installed Ambassador to Guatemala, His Excellency Jose Alpuche.