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Belize and Guatemala’s Foreign Affairs Ministers discuss referendum

Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington met last week with the new Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel who replaces former minister Carlos Raul Morales. Both officials met to discuss the diplomatic relationship between Guatemala and Belize. Among the discussions, Minister Jovel was interested in finding out when Belize was planning on holding its national ICJ referendum. Minister Elrington told the media what Belize’s plans are looking like.

Minister Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs

“She inquired about the timetable for our own referendum, I explained to her that we are constitutionally required to have reregistration next year and of course we had given an undertaking by the opposition that we would do that and then we are constitutionally required to have the elections and then we also have a requirement under the law to do registration. So I told her we would have to get those done before we were able to go into our referendum and because of those things we did not see it possible for us to do so before the last quarter of 2018 and maybe the first quarter of 2019 but I gave her the assurance that in fact, we were serious about moving ahead with it.”

Guatemala has set its referendum date for April fifteenth.