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Belize and Mexico Holds First Meeting Following MOU Signing

There is a negotiating group comprising of both Belizeans and Mexicans who are looking at how they can reach a bilateral agreement on trans-boundary hydrocarbon reservoirs.  To simplify it, Belize and Mexico are looking to place a temporary moratorium on drilling and extraction activities for hydrocarbons.  The two teams met yesterday for a first official meeting with Belize having representation from technocrats and the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Economy, Development, Petroleum, Investment and Trade, Yvonne Hyde as well as members from the Embassy of Belize in Mexico.  In that meeting, technical information was exchanged based on a five-kilometre area on each side of the border and a work schedule was established in reaching to a bilateral agreement.  These negotiations have come about due to a Memorandum of Understanding that was signed by Belize and Mexico in August 2015.  Mexico was represented in the meeting by Dr Maria de Lourdes Melgar Palacios of the Ministry of Energy.