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Belize and Mexico Partner to Host Exercise Tradewinds 2022

Belize will be joining Mexico as host-country for the upcoming Exercise Tradewinds 2022. The event is fully sponsored by the US Southern Command, and is primarily focused on having several military forces sharpen their response skills on land, sea and air. The exercise is slated to take place from May 7 to 21. Mexico will play host for the naval activities while Belize will be used for the land exercises. This is the first time that Mexico is co-hosting a Tradewinds event since its inception in 1984. The Exercise Tradewinds will see as many as twenty countries taking part with one thousand five hundred uniformed and civilians participating. Nations invited to participate are Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, France, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, the Netherlands, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom. Some of the exercises will include riverine operations, maritime security, air operations, ground operations, cyber defense, dive operations, medical operations, and the integration of women in peace and security missions. From the United States, participation will be seen from the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard as well as from the National Guard Forces from Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Rhode Island, South Carolina and the District of Columbia. According to a news outlet in Guyana, they are preparing to deploy fifty ranks from various military units for the event.