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Belize and Qatar continue to strengthen bilateral ties

The Governments of Belize and Qatar, for the first time, have held political consultations. The meeting was made possible through a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration Ramon Cervantes and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, Dr. Ahmad Hassen Al-Hammadi. The discussion focused on the on strengthening bilateral relations between both countries, economic and commercial affairs including investment and post-COVID economic recovery. Here is a portion of the remarks made by both dignitaries. 

Ramon Cervantes, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs: “We had made plans in years before recently for visits because of the COVID pandemic, it diverted our plans and, well we are here to continue what we had begun and fortunately, we are two countries that are committed to the principles of international peace and regional integration, security and mutual respect for each other for territorial integrity and non-intervention in the affairs of *unclear*. Both of our countries recognise these principles, the international principles. We share a lot in common. That’s very important and it’s a very important milestone that we have signed these memorandums and agreements home that will be the launching pad for the way forward to strengthen our relationships.”

Dr. Ammad Hassen Al-Hammadi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar: “We have been looking for two of the *unclear* such indifference. Whatever. You will have some sources. We will have some sources. We can exchange views. Exchange imports and exports. Exchange *unclear* especially, we have a positive bilateral relationship and it is in these that we saw a number of issues like climate change, renewable energy, and natural oil and gas export.”

The visit also included the handing-over of five species of plants of Belize to Qatar as a part of the country’s FIFA World Cup 2022 “Plant a Million Trees” Initiative.