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Belize attends Regional Youth Parliament Debate

The CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Kris Miller, attended the fifteen Regional Youth Parliament Debate which was held on July 17 in Trinidad & Tobago.  This was the first time Belize participated in the debate. This year’s debate focused on migration, which is a crisis being faced by the region. Kris Miller told Love news that the experience was an eye opener for him and he was able to learn about parliament procedures and protocols.

Kris Miller – CARICOM Youth Ambassador:“The topic was “Securing Our Borders to Mitigate Ethics of Crime Whilst Striving To Meet Humanitarian Obligation” so the government was for that and the opposition was that we are not ready as the Caribbean to put tools in place to allow that to happen. It was a good chance for all Caribbean countries to share ideas and solutions of what they think could be a solution to help in securing our borders but still keeping that humanitarian aspect in bringing in refugees into our country. It was set up normally just like a parliament: you had the Government side that I was on and this is the first time for Belize and I guess they wanted us to start off with a bang because we were selected to play the role of the Prime Minister. So I was the Prime Minister on the Government’s side and then there was the Opposition side. Most Caribbean countries were represented. We debated the topic, one in, one out just like any parliament would run. The final point that was brought out on the Government side is yes, once Caribbean countries come together as one in more of a unity and share the load of refugees then we can help with refugees, be humanitarian and strengthen our borders good enough to bring in refugees into our country and the final point for the opposition will be of course that we are not ready as a Caribbean to handle such a big task.”

The debate was held at Trinidad & Tobago Parliament.