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Belize Audio Visual Industry Association ready to represent the A/V Industry

The Belize Audio Visual Industry Association (BAVIA) had been dormant for some time but it reemerged in 2017. A year later, BAVIA held its annual general meeting on Saturday. BAVIA represents people who work in the audio visual industry. Love News spoke to BAVIA’s President, Tareek Young about what BAVIA hoped to gain for the stakeholders of that industry.

Tareek Young President Bavia: “Bavia is the association that represents professional service providers and collaborators of the Audio Visual Video Film Production Industry of Belize. We are the representatives of those behind the scenes and behind the camera. We are not the on camera personality association unit, we represent the ones that make audio visual work happen and the association itself was originally formed in 2012 but however it has been dormant for the past 7 to 9 years, for a multiple and a variety of reasons but in 2017, in last year’s AGM,  we relaunched the association and its initiatives and its agenda to the Belizean public to service this industry because this is one of the industries that has been identified as an an emerging industry in the world. It’s an industry that has a large potential, multi billion across the globe, there are many opportunities and many different stakeholders that benefit from a thriving booming Audio Visual Film Industry. Belize has not to this point fully capitalized on the opportunities that are available out there and we hope that the association can take lead and work and partner with the necessary other stakeholders, Government Agencies and private sectors to help grow and build this industry.

BAVIA’s President Tareek Young told Love News that because certification and training had been limited, the industry had lost lots of potential income and jobs.  And that is why capacity building is a focus of BAVIA in the coming year.

Tareek Young President Bavia: “Capacity building is a huge agenda item for the industry, training, certifications, the things that we will need as the opportunities are found and created. We want to be ready for them. There have been opportunities that we have missed out on to the  sum of about $40 million, 1500 jobs, 8 months of work for a project that designed to be shot in Belize, it was about Belize, it was supposed to entail a fully Belizean crew and staff and we lost out on it. It was shot in Puerto Rico, a project called Mad Dogs from Amazon because there were things that were not in place that we weren’t ready for so a large mission of this association is to get us ready, making sure that we have 1500 people that can fill those job positions, working with the Government to develop proper incentive packages and increasing the packing that makes us appeal and be competitive with other locations across the world  in the Caribbean and Central America and making sure that we have an understanding and continued growth on the local level as well. It’s not solely about waiting for films or projects to come in from the foreign investment side. For me you have to have a sustainable, local, domestic industry, a thriving industry, that’s where people get the real experiences, that’s where the connections and the network gets built.

Young said that they had identified 32 different type of jobs that would be available if major projects come to Belize, which is why training and certification are important.