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Belize backs Taiwan for observer status at World Health Assembly

Belize and the Republic of China, Taiwan, have been close allies for decades. So it was no surprise that Cabinet Minister in charge of Health, Pablo Marin had been lobbying members of the World Health Organization to allow Taiwan to be an observer at the World Health Assembly. The World Health Assembly was held back in May and Taiwan was not invited. It was the first time in eight years that Taiwan was not beeninvited to attend the assembly. The reason for this was because Taiwan and mainland China still have not settled their dispute. The Taiwanese Government has accused the Chinese Government of barring Taiwan from the World Health Assembly. Yesterday, Minister Pablo Marin told Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize,Charles Liu that the Belizean Government will continue its lobbying for Taiwan to be included as an observer at the next World Health Assembly.


Pablo Marin – Minister of Health

“From 2008 at the World Health Assembly I had advocated for Taiwan to be sitting at least as an observer at the World Health Assembly and I will continue to do so at the first instance we had the opportunity for them to sit as observers and again I will continue to do so because Taiwan has shown that the really want to help Belize and they have become family to Belize. For them to look and donate over 80% of over $2 million US dollars it is for our people, it is for our people to become healthy,  to find a way for us to move forward and stop the kidney failures, to stop NCDs.”


Charles Liu -Taiwanese Ambassador

“The relationship between Belize and Taiwan is mutually beneficial not only does Taiwan assist Belize in developing public health over the years, Belize has also formally supported Taiwan in its efforts to participate in the international organizations such as the World Health Organization because disease knows no boundary Taiwan seeks to contribute its professional and pragmatic participation in the World Health Assembly, mechanism, meeting and activities. This year with the support of the Belizean government and its people Minister Pablo Marin lead us in the call upon the WHO for Taiwan’s participation.”


The World Health Assembly is the decision making body of the World Health Organization and is considered the world’s highest health policy setting body. Taiwan’s absence from the World Health Assembly could present serious challenges for its economy and people.