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Belize Bank hands out sixteen scholarships

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

The Belize Bank limited handed out sixteen scholarships. One of the recipients was Daineira Flores. Daineira lives in a household of six. Her father is the sole income earner making the expenses strenuous on him.

Daineira Flores, Scholarship Recipient
“This scholarship is a blessing and it’s an opportunity for me to further my studies and its helping me a lot because I know that this doesn’t come easy. Not everybody gets this.”


Uziel Tzib also got a scholarship and he too was grateful.

Uziel Tzib, Scholarship Recipient
“So thankful to Belize Bank that I got this scholarship. I applied to UB and I am thankful to God because I received this scholarship and I hope that I can do well and achieve my goals in the future.”

“ What are you going to study at UB?”

Uziel Tzib, Scholarship Recipient
“ Business Science. My future goal is to become an accountant.”

And if Tzib and the other recipients encounter trouble during their schooling, Chairman Lyndon Guissepe says there is a program designed to assist the students.

Lyndon Guisseppe, Chairman, Belize Bank Ltd
“We identified in each district managers or officers in the branchest who these students can speak with and they can speak with them for a variety of reasons, if they are having problems in their homes, if they need additional support in school or additional lessons, if they need a big brother or sister to speak with they can go to those mentors. This is also an integral part of the program as well, an integral part of the program. In fact it’s more than a full scholarship because its tuition, its books but we also if they need tutoring we actually pay for the tutors as well so if they are falling short we bring them in, we speak with them from time to time I will have parents in my office with students who have fallen below the grade point average that we have set for them to see how we can intervene to make sure that they get back on track because we do not want any of these children not to complete the five years or the four years as the case may be so even if they have fallen short behind we actually pull them in before it gets to the point where they have to drop out of school or actually fail and we have an intervention program to address that.”

Dainiera, Uziel and the fourteen other students were chosen based on two criteria- academic performance and need.

Lyndon Guisseppe, Chairman, Belize Bank Ltd
“We believe there is a large pool of students from different communities who are very bright but because of their financial position they are unable to afford to go to school and it’s that cohort that we are trying to capture, those individuals who would otherwise not be in school had it not been for a scholarship.”

Dr. Carol Babb, Chief Eduction Officer, M.O.E.
“Our main goal is to ensure that every child has an access to education. Education is key for our students and if we want to build Belize then it must begin with education.

Since 2012, the Belize Bank Limited has awarded more than one hundred scholarships.