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Belize Bank Makes Life Easier for Some Struggling Parents

The Belize Bank Limited today handed out scholarships to twelve students to continue their education.  General Manager of Marketing at the Belize Bank, Shakira Tsai said the bank is proud to have a part in shaping the academic future of young Belizeans.


“We found families dealing with tragedies, some with unfortunate circumstances and many came from struggling single parent households with multiple siblings. Amidst that we also found that children who are determined, who found inspiration from their mothers which kept them focused and in school despite their hardships. This became a motivation for them to work even harder. We found hope and promise as well as a sense of wanting to excel to make a better future for themselves and lessening the burden on their parents.”

Guest speaker at this morning’s ceremony was Deputy Chief Education Officer, Carol Babb, who urged the students to make the most of the opportunity they have been given.


“There is no short cut. In Belize we like shortcuts but to be successful there is no short cut, you must be dedicated, you must spend your time reading and studying. You have to put away those games. I am so alarmed at young people today; they are hooked on these games, you know you talk about hooked on phonics it’s not hooked on phonics any more, its hooked on all these video games and its like they are addicted to it. Young people, if you really want to become the next Belize Bank Manager in Corozal District or wherever you need to put away those games, you need to study, you need to be willing to spend the time and to ensure that you don’t get average grades. Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity; aim for the highest.”

Lyndon Guiseppi, the Bank’s Executive Chairman shared the scope of what the scholarship covers.


“Today we will be awarding another 12 deserving students with scholarships to further their educational goals. Eight are high school students and four are sixth form students. In the case of our high school recipients their scholarship will cover the cost of fees, and a book grant while for our sixth form students the scholarship will cover all tuition fees, leading to an Associate’s Degree. In addition to the funding the bank also provides for the ongoing mentorship of these students. Our retail branch managers and their staff are fully committed to this process and have been tasked with the responsibility of developing relationships with our scholars, individual communities to provide for further guidance and support as the need arises.”

This is the fourth year that the Belize Bank has undertaken the initiative.