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Belize Boxing Federation Sends Strong Message to Underground Organizations

The Belize Boxing Federation is setting the record straight via a press release directed at all boxing coaches, judges, referees and athletes.  The essence of the release was a reminder that the Federation is the only legal entity responsible for the governance and regulation of boxing affairs in Belize.  The release stated that the BBF is the only legal authority, recognized by the National Sports Council, which can sanction or issue license for boxing bouts, whether at the amateur or professional levels. The BBF has learnt of a series of boxing bouts held in San Ignacio Town on Saturday, September 26 and places on the record that this event was held illegally, that is without consultation with and approval of the Federation. Active boxers are advised that participating in an unauthorized boxing event could have serious implications on their career, under rules set by the International Boxing Association. Professional boxing athletes are advised not to associate with any unauthorized boxing event conducted by any other organization or individuals, in particular “businessmen” operating under the notion of “boxing promoters”, if they are not registered members of the Belize Boxing Federation. Participation in such events could result in athletes being excluded from NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL Boxing Association events and competitions, unless instructed otherwise by International Boxing Association. The BBF went on also to note that those conducting boxing events without the consent of the Federation are to immediately cease such activities as boxing is a technical sport and if not regulated and governed properly our athletes could suffer severe injuries. Those who refuse to adhere to the rules simply to make a dollar are reminded that the safety of the boxers and the integrity of the sport are paramount. The BBF welcomes persons or organizations willing to contribute to the growth and development of the sport of Boxing in Belize, but it must be done under the rules and guidelines set forth by International Boxing Association.