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Belize Brewing Company begins to Export to the Region

The Belize Brewing Company, which is part of the Bowen and Bowen group of companies, has signed an agreement to produce, bottle and export several beverages for other companies in the region. The agreement will aid Bowen and Bowen in expanding its reach within the region and boost its local production capabilities. The company’s Corporate Sales Manager, Rosanna Villanueva spoke to our newsroom about the agreement and how it will benefit the country as a whole. 

Rosanna Villanueva, Corporate Sales Manager, B&B: “For the country first of all it’s an excellent source and it’s a valuable source of foreign currency income because of course we are producing the beverages here and when we export them on behalf of these companies its foreign currency earned for the country. For Belize Brewing Company it allows us to increase our production capabilities you know we are increasing efficiencies and of course for these companies to go into these agreements with us it is because they trust us, they consider us a valuable partner that will deliver high quality drinks for them so it becomes a win win for everyone. We actually started these agreements about mid 2021 and the first product was in Endrua Malt and that is for export only so that along with the 24K Premium Lager Stout and Light beers those are exported only. There are other products like Smirnoff Ice and Landshark which we reproduce both for local market and for export as well. Belize Brewing Company is looking and currently actually looking at negotiating other agreements simply because you know it’s an excellent opportunity for both the company and for Belize and so we are currently working to sign or go into other agreements that will expand the export volumes.”