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Belize Broadcasting Authority Warns Media Houses of Spreading Misinformation

And while Minister Espat is all for democracy, the Belize Broadcasting Authority issued a release earlier today, advising the media houses to take caution in what is aired, specifically surrounding the vaccination. News Director, Renee Trujillo, spoke with the BBA’s Chairman, Evan Tench who says the release was spurred by the misinformation spreading locally.

Evan Tench, Chairman, Belize Broadcasting Authority: “The broadcasts that are carried out by the various media houses we’re asking for them to be responsible and to make sure that the information they’re disseminating is factual and try as best as possible to refrain from propagating disinformation on their broadcast. .Well we’ve noticed lately there have been a lot of information on social media, in the newscasts, on various programs in Belize about what we can see can be misinformation about vaccines, about COVID even that it exists and we have seen push back all over the world I mean we’ve seen these notices being sent out by the broadcasting authorities of OFCOM in the UK which is the Office of the Communications. We’ve seen the Jamaican Broadcasting Commission also send out notices so we thought it would be a good idea for us just to advise the media houses that they have to be as careful as possible to make sure that the broadcasts are factual and not to be spreading misinformation. It’s just to send a notification to ask the broadcasters to be the judge to weigh whether their broadcasts are factual and to do research before to make sure they get information from credible sources and try as best as possible not to be spreading misinformation and there is so much of it out there as you said on social media and we thought it would create confusion with the Belizean public we’re asking the broadcasters to be responsible.”