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Belize Cancer Centre in Dangriga Celebrates its Thirteen Birthday

On this day, thirteen years ago, the Belize Cancer Centre in Dangriga officially opened its doors. It was on October 1, 2008 that the Belize Cancer Centre was officially founded, with a dedicated team of professionals to bring optimum cancer treatment to Belize. Professionals at the Centre treat a variety of cancers in both adults and children for over a decade hundreds of patients have been treated. Chief Executive Officer, Delone Pascascio told us about the center’s achievements.

Delone Pascascio, Chief Executive Officer: “It’s achievements are quite significant the greatest of which is being able to manage pediatric patients in their third stage of treatment and these are patients of course with leukaemia primarily and they used to be able to spend a great deal of time  at significant family discomfort over and Mexico getting treatment now the children would go over for their first treatments, first phase treatment and we will completed in Dangriga where the family does not have – especially because many of them are not socioeconomically be able to do that they have hardships leaving their families for long period of time. So we’re able to relieve that burden in both the transportation and the cost. Overtime probably 10 years we’ve been able to reduce the incidence of mortality for children with leukaemia from about 28% to about 76% so that’s a major achievement for the children. We are still working quite diligently with members of a Belize healthcare teams and those involved in the treatment of patients with cancer diagnosis to see if we can improve the survival rate for women with breast cancer and cervical cancer because these are cancers that are often diagnosed quite late and are often quite a challenge to treat as Dr. Yacab indicated in last year in his discussion about his concerns.”