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Belize Carnival Not Suitable for Children?

A thought provoking post was placed on social media yesterday as it pertains to Carnival and its consumption by children.  The post reads, in part, quote, “Carnival is not for children. It glorifies alcohol consumption; it degrades women (with their own participation); it approves sexual harassment and even assault; it promotes inappropriate sexual behaviour. I don’t think it is for children to watch or participate. I don’t judge the choices of adults and as an adult, I may even find enjoyment in the performances but imagine what an 8 year old is thinking when they see the debauchery of today’s Carnival….Drinking in excess is fun and cool. Exposing my body for all to see and feel is ok. They teach me in school about inappropriate touch but it is actually fun and enjoyable.”  End of quote.  It is a post that garnered almost two hundred reactions from the wider public.  One woman responded to the post, saying, quote, “There should be a separate event for kids like Trinidad has.”  Another person noted, quote, “Events are rarely kids friendly anymore in this country.”  And another contributor noted, quote, “I think you are right. The last time my son was in Belize for Easter – we were in Placencia and he wanted to know why was everyone rubbing up on each other and that was not even Carnival. I didn’t even think about it, but children see things and absorb it.”  This morning we asked the Minister of State responsible for youth and sports, Elodio Aragon to weigh in on the criticism of Carnival; he gave the diplomatic response as to not step on any toes.  Here is how he responded.

Carnival is slated for tomorrow in Belize City.  It starts on Ceasar Ridge Road onto Central American Boulevard and ending at the Marion Jones Sports Complex.