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Belize Chinese Association Celebrates Chinese New Year

The Belize Chinese Association (BCA) held celebrations on Saturday and Sunday across the country. Firecrackers and cultural celebrations took place in city streets in a show of culture and diversity. Outgoing chairman of the BCA, Edmund Kwan told Love News about how the Year of the Pig was celebrated at the Princess on Sunday.

Edmund Kwan Belize Chinese Association Chairman: “ Well this weekend we had our Chinese New Year celebrations. We started off on Saturday with the Lion Dance Parade. If I am not remembering wrong it was about 48 stores that requested for the Lion Dance and yesterday we had the banquet. We catered to about 800 guests that were Belizean and Chinese from 12 to 5 o’clock. Yesterday we had the entertainment from Ascenthiun. It was a very beautiful entertainment. They actually sang two Chinese songs; they are from Cayo. They are local Belizeans but they sang in Chinese and they pronounced the words very  clearly and very accurate. Chinese New Year is very important to Chinese. It is one of the biggest celebrations for Chinese. We want to keep that culture going. Every year we try to continuously annually do this Chinese New Year Celebrations to keep the culture going one and two Chinese for New Years everyone wants to gather together.