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Belize City Administrator suspended pending investigations

The City Administrator at the Belize City Council, Candace Miller has been placed on suspension. According to what we were made to understand, the move was after the discovery of several questionable transactions. Shortly after coming into office, Mayor Bernard Wagner indicated to the media that they would be doing a complete study of transactions made by the Council, especially in the weeks leading up to the municipal elections. Wagner insinuated that there was basis for that conclusion. We understand one of those questionable transactions involved an outstanding payment to a Chinese establishment on North Front Street for items, including liquor which was reportedly signed for by then Council employee, Joe Bradley who happens to be the father of the former Mayor, Darrell Bradley. At the time, Wagner said the new council would not be paying the bill. As we mentioned Miller who was a signatory on cheques for the Belize City Council as City Administrator was placed on suspension for an undisclosed amount of time. Miller will be receiving her full salary during the time of her suspension.