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Belize City Bars Closed Down: Compol Says Officers Did Nothing Wrong

Last night, there was an incident that involved the owner of Margarita’s Sports Bar in the Faber’s Road area of Belize City and a police officer. The confrontation was caught on camera and made its rounds on social media after the owner’s daughter took to Instagram live. Love News understands that the incident occurred sometime around eight o’clock last night when officers were attempting to close the establishment. The video captures the man charging at the police officer, who then sprays him with pepper spray in his face. The person videoing the incident then approaches the officer who sends her phone flying into the air. According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams the officers did nothing wrong.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I saw the video footage last night on social media and the police as you said Jules they’re out there doing their best to try and contain this virus. The enforcement of the quarantine regulation is very very important at this time. And so the police went to Margarita Bar last night and they found infractions and the dealt with it. I saw in the video footage where the young man charged at the police officer and the police officer may have sprayed him but again at the end of the day you cannot charge at a police officer who is armed, it could have been worse and so I heard the cry of the young lady in the video footage but at the end of the day the matter will be looked at by the PSB but at this time I do not see anything wrong done by the police. We have said that one person in the team can have one in the event that there is some issue that needs to be dealt with and it can be used as an effective way of de-escalation of a certain situation and I don’t think it was the first resort that the police used because if you look at the video one of the officers was so nice to even tell the young lady that she could video record whatever just ensure that she must wear her mask and she said okay and she put on her mask. So it shows in the video that the police officers were being very courteous but then you later on saw where the you man charged at the police officer who was armed with the rifle and he took out his pepper spray and he sprayed the person.”

Another bar in Belize City was also closed down by officers, according to Commissioner Williams officers were sent to Shisha Eight Restaurant and Bar due to the establishment not following the COVID-19 guidelines.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Friday evening we received information that there were a number of restaurants in Belize City that were packed to capacity and were operating under air condition. You’d know that the regulation does speak to the fact that restaurants can operate at 50% capacity and it must be open air or for those restaurants that are not open air they must not operate under AC, the doors must be open, the windows must be open to allow air to flow. Upon police visiting that particular establishment it was packed to capacity and under AC so they were in clear violation of the regulations so the proprietors were arrested and charged for that matter.”