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Belize City Council holds flag raising ceremony

It is September 1 and most Belizeans are looking forward to their favorite event on the September celebrations calendar.  This morning the Belize City Council held a flag raising ceremony at the Flag Monument.

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“Well this is something that has been the brain child of Councilor Dion Leslie he started this five years ago where the first of September the City Raises all the flags on the flag monument and it’s going to be raised every single day by the Scouts Association of Belize in the month of September up to the 31st so it really is a symbol of people coming into the city that you are going to see all the Belizean flags and it’s a symbol of pride and national unity and it’s something which has grown for us to be the mark of the September Celebrations. Of course we know that the National Celebrations Committee does things throughout the country to really signify the month and to open the September Celebrations so that this is something that the city does to ensure that people in Belize City who pass this very popular round a bout can feel a sense of pride and see that this is the September season because all of our flags are hoisted so that this morning we came out here at 6am, we were supported by a lot of young people and families who witness this event every single year. Of course the police came out here to honor and support us likewise and the Scouts Association came out to raise the flags together with City Council staff and for us it is really, the raising of your flag is a symbol of your sovereignty, your independence and a symbol of unity, something that every single Belizean identifies with the Belizean flag and for us in the city it’s to show that we are in solidarity with the rest of the country throughout the September Celebrations.

Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“How many flags were raised today?

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“I actually think it’s about twenty I don’t know the exact count but in the center we have a very large Belizean flag and we use this flag monument for several things but for September Celebrations its quite fitting that we should raise all Belizean flags so that you can really get that sense of exhilaration when you’re driving into the city, when you are passing here and you are seeing so many Belizean flags so that this is going to be done every single day at 6am. We invite people who want to come out, any day just to witness the raising of the flag and you could just participate, some young people were raising flags likewise. Councilor Leslie, Latchman, Cuellar and I raised the main flag, we had our national anthem we were out here in jubilation just to recognize that today is the first of September. One of the things I really want to commend members of the public is that in my remarks which is something I’ve been reflecting on for the 10th of September welcome address that I have to give is that when we think of September Celebrations or when we think of the 10th of September and Independence its not only that we are remembering the past but we are really rallying in terms of going forward that we should still carry with us that fighter’s spirit that the Baymen had and the spirit that the fathers of our independence George Price and Phillip Goldson had so that in all of us fears of influence, you as a reporter, me as mayor we  can really be patriotic not  only in the month of September but every single year if we do our jobs with diligence and integrity, if we really promote national development a sense of unity and so this raising of the flag is one way that we can demonstrate that and we can demonstrate our national pride and our love of country throughout the year by doing things that really celebrate Belize.”