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Belize City Council Looking to Crack Down On Dalla Vans

Meanwhile, the operators of Dalla Vans in Belize City will have to begin complying with the traffic regulations. According to Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner, the Belize City Council is looking to enforce the laws as numerous complaints have been registered against them.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “That’s an ongoing discussion with the councilors and the staff. The Dalla Van has to work along with the council and work along with the residents in providing safe. We are always concerned about safety of pedestrians, safety of commuters and once the Dalla Van is able to begin to comply with those safety requirements of ensuring that you comply with the COVID rules and regulations and that you are to some way policing yourself because it can’t be a free for all. Our country and our city this is one of the biggest hurdles I have faced and that I grapple with each and every day is that our reluctance as a society to be compliant. It’s a culture shift. We’re always talking about how beautiful these modern cities are and how beautiful and how things run in this country and how things run in that country but we can make the same happen if we could only become compliant and the Dalla Vans they serve a community, they are a required services that is needed because they do serve those commuters that can only pay that dollar to get by in the city but the fact of the matter is we have to have rules and regulations to govern traffic management in the city, to govern safety in our city for not only motorists but also for pedestrians and that is where we sit. The Dalla Van can’t be a rogue group, they have to come under and umbrella of compliance.”