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Belize City Council loses million dollar lawsuit

A de facto judgment was handed down against the Belize City Council and the mayor did not know about it. Belize Waste Control successfully sued the council for one million dollars. Mayor Bernard Wagner says he had no knowledge of this because he was not apprised of it by the City Administration Candice Miller.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:We are aware of that judgment and that again is a matter that we the council will look into but we certainly were not apprised of that judgment or that court matter.”

Reporter: When were you supposed to have been told, as you took office?

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: As I assumed office that is the normal protocol.

Reporter: Okay and it’s one million. You need all the revenue so can your attorneys, can the council’s attorney do anything in that regard?

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: Our attorneys are looking at the matter, we stand that we will be able to address that matter is it pertains to that court case.”