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Belize City Council Preps for the City’s Christmas Tree Lighting

And while Barbados is celebrating this achievement in its political history, here in Belize City, the local government is getting ready for its tree-lighting event. The large, well-lit Christmas tree was being set up today in the downtown area. We caught up with Mayor Bernard Wagner, who explained that this is something the city looks forward to.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Christmas brings its own good tidings and it’s a season for love, to celebrate life, to celebrate the birth of Christ and what better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than this beautiful sixty food Christmas tree. We want to light up this tree, this magnificent tree. It’s a sixty foot tree and so we’ll have some of the events leading up to the lighting of the tree. We have performances by local artists of course. We also have giveaways for those participating virtually and those passing by. We don’t want to restrict people that are in the vicinity of the area passing by they could certainly practice the protocols, wear your mask, social distance but we are not stopping anyone who may be in the area to witness this magnificent occasion. This event will be grand because it will be done with the collaboration with NICH, with the collaboration with Coca Cola. We’re glad to have Coca Cola on board with us and so simultaneously we’ll be lighting this tree and we’ll be lighting the tree at Mule Park the Coca Cola Tree. They have partnered with us we’ll be giving out some prizes along the way so we invite all viewers whether you’re out here or you’re viewing virtually to spend the hour with us. This is the time of love, its’ a time of life, it’s a time of light and what better way to celebrate the true reason for the season and that’s the Christ child.”