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Belize City Council is re-branding its look as it prepares to move into new home

The Belize City Council is rebranding their look, ranging from their offices to their uniforms.  Today the council unveiled its new brand at the recently renovated Commercial Centre in Belize City. City Administrator, Stephany Lindo Garbutt, says the new city hall is not quite ready to house the Council staff but as the work continues, the Council has decided on a new brand.

Stephanie Lindo Garbutt City Administrator: “We made some marktifications to the design to accommodate additional staff for the building. We have moved the city engineer along with the legal advisor over to this building. You know that the City Engineer is usually at the Work’s Department and the Legal Advisor was with the court so that is what the additional works are. Those will be completed by the end of this month and the elevator shaft as you know under the current loan for this facility it did not include a furniture package or an elevator or back up generator for the building so as soon as we are able to access funding for those things those will be installed. Stemming from the color scheme for the new City Hall the Mayor and his Council believed that it is a genuine step towards really modernizing the city and you notice it is not branded in any particular political party color and we thought that would be exceptional to spread throughout the council because running the city and managing the city certainly exceeds any political party lines so we got universal colors that speak to the entire length and breath of who we are and what would best for our new brand so again the Mayor and his Council looked at how to improve the safety of our workers when they are out there. They work in the sun all day so we have created coverall for them and you will see that we have also changed the name from sanitation to calling them operational support. It is also apart of uplifting not only buildings but also our staff and the moral for employees.”

Reporter: “And the flag?”

Stephanie Lindo Garbutt City Administrator: “Every organization has a flag and we think that in order to fully complete the brand for the Council a flag has to match what we are doing so we have launched a contest open to all Belize City residence to come up with a flag design that speaks to the vision, mission and the branding concept for this council and the prize is $1000.”

The staff at City Hall is slated to move into the new building around mid-May