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Belize City Council Re-Elects Samuels for Deputy Mayor

Dean Samuels is an elected City Councillor in Belize City who is in his 12th year as an elected official.  Yesterday during a Caucus meeting of the Belize City Council, Samuels was re-appointed for the fourth time as the Deputy Mayor.  The 44-year-old politician has an extensive resume of accomplishments including the cobble stone streets in downtown Belize City; the traffic booth at the foot of the Swing Bridge; the demarcation and signage along Coney Drive as well as the canal renovations and barriers and the city bus routes.  He has held the portfolios for Works and Traffic in which he places a great focus on the southside areas.  As it relates to his political career, Love News had reported in April last year that Samuels is looking to be the replacement for Port Loyola Area Representative, Anthony Boots Martinez.  His term is for one year.