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Belize City Council Renames Two Belize City Streets

`While the curfew hours are being adjusted, so are the names of some important streets in Belize City. The Belize City Council unanimously passed a resolution more than a year ago, which will see the names of some streets and roundabout – and even the overpass by Pallotti High School – getting a new name. Today, City Hall began installing some of the new signs for the new streets. Love News spoke to Communications Manager, Erin Garnett about the changes.

Gaol (jail) Lane becomes Sister Caritas (ka-ri-tas) Lawrence Lane, named after the late St. Catherine Academy principal; Hutson Street becomes William Fonseca Street, named after the former Belize City Mayor William “David” Fonseca; Partridge Street becomes Amandala Drive, named after the newspaper; the roundabout that connects Mahogany Street and Central American Boulevard will now be named the Eva Middleton Roundabout, named after long-time advocate for disabilities. Meanwhile, the Hands Roundabout, which connects the boulevard and Cemetery Road heading west, is named after the late Therese Felix, the founder of Mothers Organised for Peace, an organization she created after losing three of her children to gun violence. Regent Street is now becoming Dr. Dame Minita Gordon Drive, named after the country’s first Governor General; Market Square becomes City Hall Square; Regent Street West becomes Lindy Rogers Street, named after the former Deputy Prime Minister; Cork Street becomes Sir Alexander Hunter Street, named after former Minister of Trade and Industry. Pallotti Overpass becomes Dr. Manuel Esquivel Overpass, named after Belize’s second Prime Minister; and Sweet Avenue becomes Bertie Ellis Avenue, named after the formidable former cricketer.