Belize City Couple Needs Your Help

Belize City Couple Needs Your Help

 The pain of losing someone you love is unimaginable and unbearable. For a young Belize City couple, that pain lingers as they recently suffered a pregnancy loss. 23-year-old Derrick Leslie and Shameka Banner had a stillbirth, who died because fluid got into his lungs. The couple’s pain doubled with the inability to give their baby a final resting place. They are unemployed but are actively looking for work. However, all their efforts have been futile. They are asking for your help to help them bury their son. 

Shamica Banner, Needs Assistance: “What actually happened is that Wednesday I was supposed to go the clinic and I never did go and the following day the Thursday I felt down and I decided to go to the clinic and when I went to the clinic the doctors checked me and they didn’t find any heart beat so the doctors conferred and they wrote me a paper to go to KHMH and I went there and they checked me and everything and they said how they didn’t feel any movements or anything like that where the baby was supposed to be moving and my belly didn’t feel how it was supposed to normally feel as if I was pregnant with an eight month baby. So they hurry rushed me and took me to do an ultrasound and the doctor waited a while he didn’t tell me anything until the doctor nodded his head and told me that it was true what they said that the baby didn’t have a heartbeat, that how it died inside me from the Wednesday.”

Dereck Leslie, Needs Assistance: “To be honest to the public all I need right now is just assistance to lay my son to rest and for us to come to more peace.”

Reporter: How much do you need more or less ?

Dereck Leslie, Needs Assistance: “More or less I have the document and I already have the quote right here. The hospital bill is like a thousand dollars, right here is twelve hundred for everything for the cremation of my son.”

The contact the couple you can call 627-5401. They have an account at Heritage Bank and the account number is 921-5160.

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