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Belize City Doctor Being Investigated for Falsifying Vaccination Card

A Belize City doctor is being investigated for falsifying a vaccination card. The well-known female doctor is accused of doing so close to two years ago before the People’s United Party won the general elections in 2020. Minister of Health and Wellness Kevin Bernard says that the ministry continues to investigate the matter and if the doctor is found guilty of falsifying a vaccination card, she will be terminated. 

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “This specific case that they are calling out involves a doctor and so there is substantial evidence that the person may have indeed signed, there’s also information coming to us that her signature may have been tampered with we don’t know. That is what is being done right now there are interviews being done through the director of hospital services and the Ministry to make sure we get to the bottom of it and to ensure that if it is so then it goes through the public service for recommendation for termination.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: How long ago was this discovered ? Or reported ?

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “I believe it was reported just before I got in there as the Minister of Health so that has been now and the issue is that as you know we were in the phase of getting directors and so so now that that’s been done that process is now. It’s something as I said it’s on going. I don’t want to say anything that could affect the investigation taking place internally because we have to get to the bottom of it, we have to prove that indeed this person was involved so they’re working on picking up the person, talking to the person, who the card was issued to, there’s a lot of things Hipolito that we have to deal with and this is just one of those cases. Sadly it involved a doctor and if we can prove that that person was involved then that person must be terminated.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: If this doctor she is found guilty will she only be terminated ? No criminal charges ? What just terminated ?

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “Well you know there’s a process that exists in the law, that exists in the COVID regulation and that’s the reason why we have to go through the necessary processes. Now if criminal charges will be posed against the person if found evidence it has to go through due process. It has to go through the public service if at the ministry level we have all the evidence and everything and then it goes through the public service and public service finds that the person has to be terminated then it goes through that process. Whether we will take criminal charges against the individual that’s a different story we have to deal with that as it comes as we go along. We have to look at the severity of the situation as it involves that one specific card that we have evidence of apparently  and thereafter take a decision as a ministry whether we pursue legal charges or not or just terminate. From what I understand it happened just before my time.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: Okay so why is it taking so long other than the director’s post not being filled ? 

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “See you cannot just pick up and say ‘Oh this person signed this.’ there has to be an investigation due process has to take place and there have been a lot of discussions, questions being raised and answered and so it is in that light that we are making sure. We don’t want to make a decision or say something that is not so so we’re trying to cross the “T’s” and dot the “I’s” and make sure that whenever we take the matter to the public service it’s full evidence document that that is the case.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: Internal investigation happening simultaneously with a criminal investigation ? 

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “No. Internal investigation only.”

According to Minister Bernard, the doctor has been working at a public clinic for many years. Minister Bernard warned persons who wish to falsify vaccination cards and COVID results. Bernard told Love News that these culprits will be dealt with. 

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “If that is something that’s being done we are cautoning those persons to stop, to desist because we’re going to come after you. At the end of the day Hipolito you have a job, we have a job to protect our citizens – and I don’t see the need for that. There’s no need for anybody to be falsifying any vaccination card or trying to-  for what ? We have lifted the restrictions of travel, we have lifted the restrictions many of the restriction and so I don’t see why they would have even attempted to even do that. It serves you no purpose and all I can say is once we get a hold of that information we’re going to go to the very end to deal with that person.”