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Belize City family left homeless following Friday night fire

A house belonging to Goldburne Adolphus better known as ‘Easy Glenn’ went up in flames on Friday night. Adolphus told Love News he came home from a function at around nine o’clock Friday night saw smoke coming from a door in his home. Adolphus said that when he tried to open the door, the fire started to spread.

Goldburne Adolphus – Fire victim

“My wife is usually here with me but she had gone to her old lady and this is Friday so I  was at the City Council, they were having a little function near the cemetery so I had stopped and entertained myself. When I got through about after 9pm I was coming back home. Coming home when I got home I got there and when I walked in I saw a little smoke coming from the near the roof. I opened the door and when I opened the door a ball of fire came out. When I looked in the entire hall inside was on fire. I tried to duck down to go into the front room where my clothes were and where I had some money stashed under the marley. I couldn’t get in at all so I called 9-1-1 right away. I was calling them and explaining to them the area we were in, they said that they were coming but in terms of that when the door opened the fire started to blaze up and ignited more so I started to scream for my neighbor but one one bucket of water couldn’t do anything.

Adolphus says that he was not able to retrieve anything from the house and that the fire department ruled out arson and said that the fire started from an electrical fault.

Goldburne Adolphus – Fire victim

“Nothing at all, not even a pair of socks. Everything that my wife and I had everything was lost. I just came from the fire department and they say that it is an electrical problem and I even called Mr. Williams (Chester) because I thought that somebody did this to me and Mr. Chester Williams and spoke to me and told me that it’s not arson, that is electrical.”