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Belize City Fisherman Reported Missing at Sea

It has been more than three weeks since the family of thirty-year-old Jarid Usher last saw him. The fisherman went out to sea on July five and was last heard from on July eight. Since then, his family says that they have been unable to contact or locate him. They say that Usher, who has been a fisherman for over ten years, recently purchased a twenty-foot skiff named “Blessed Youth” and had gone to sea with another man whose identity is unknown. They are now growing concerned and they say that Usher does not usually spend more than three days at sea. Today, Love News spoke to his father, Raymond Usher.

Raymond Usher, Father: “He came to me personally before he left midmorning on Monday the fifth, that was prior to preparing for the memorial service for my dad and my step mother’s funeral on the seventh and I had encouraged him to stay for that ceremony but unfortunately he said ‘Dad we’ve already made all the arrangements, the lobster season is here and I want to make sure that I’m out there making things happen.’ and I told him ‘Alright, I’m alright with that and I gave him a hug, he gave me a hug, I asked him if he had all his equipment and materials; water, ‘You want me to go and buy something for you?’ No dad everything is alright. Unfortunately I didn’t escort him from where the Magistrate’s court is to the water side by southern foreshore to see him off because I thought I should have done that at the time but unfortunately I didn’t do that. I took it for granted all was well with him. And it was since that period from the fifth of July he went out and we had some communication between the fifth two or three days but there after we lost communication with him.”

Reporter: Did Mr.Usher say who he was going out to sea with ? 

Raymond Usher, Father: “Unfortunately on that day I don’t know why it is that I became so complacent but that was at that point I couldn’t say whether he had somebody in the boat at the time by the southern foreshore because I was just standing up just in front of the Magistrate’s court when he was talking to me and said ‘Dad I just came to make you sure that I’m moving now, I’m going now. I hope that funeral goes very well.”

Reporter: It’s been about twenty days since you last heard from your son how concerned are you at this moment and what’s going through your mind ? 

Raymond Usher, Father: “Well I’m totally totally immersed with anxiousness as to what could  have happened, where he is that could delay him from coming back. Because he resided with me and he left the Saturday before the fifth. He was at home and he celebrated a birthday with one of his friends at his friend’s house and thereafter that’s why he came on the Monday because I know he was going out on the Monday and that’s why he came at my work to say ‘Dad I’m moving out now.'”

Formal missing person reports have each been made to the Police Department and the Belize Coast Guard has launched a search and rescue operation. The public is asked to contact Usher’s family at 672-6378 or at 604-9840 if you have any information that may lead to his whereabouts.