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Belize City Lions promote peace through Peace Poster Contest

The Belize City Lions Club today issued awards to eight students who entered the best pieces in the annual peace poster contest. The contest does not only end at the national level, but the best entry is sent out to the Lions International Peace Poster Contest. This year’s winner is thirteen year old ZhouQi Wang from China, and Lions International also chooses 23 merit award winners. While Belize did not make that final list, the Lions Club in Belize City still recognizes the work of those students who entered the competition.

Estilito Loria, Lions Club: “Its always about peace and then the children 11 to 13 years are encouraged to say what they  can think about peace and how release itself could achieve that peace because that is one of the things that we want to promote peace in the world.”

Dalilah Ical: and this year 8 students were awarded for their excellent work on individual pieces that depicted their views of a peaceful world. This year’s theme is kindness matters.

Estilito Loria, Lions Club: “We haven’t had much success in having as much participants as we would like but out of the peace poster etc. that are sent to us; it’s being judged, there is a first prize a second prize and a third prize. The first prize winner for every year is sent to Lion’s International and Lion’s International Judges that poster that we sent form Belize along with about 400,000 to half a million participants. In 1991 the Belize City has sent a poster and that achieved for Belize City one of the 23 Merit Award which is given every year along with the grand prize winner.”

Dalilah Ical:  The competition was first launched in 1988 and Aria says it sees the support of local clubs worldwide reflecting a key element of the lion’s hand that is to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world. Young Cameron Daily’s entry was selected as the best peace for this year.

Cameron Daily: “The message I send is really simple, Its just I want everyone to be peaceful, I want every nation, every people, every race to just have no more war, no more angriness and I just want everyone to make peace, that’s all I want to send in my, all the posters that I do, I just want that.”

Dalilah Ical: and Cameron Daily encourages students to enter the completion. Dalilah Ical Love News.