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Belize City Man Charged for Killing of Dwayne Gabourel

Police Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed to the media that investigators have charged one man for the cold-blooded murder of 15-year-old Dwayne Gabourel. The gunman, police say, is 25-year-old Dane Gillett. Gillett was to be arraigned this afternoon for the crime of murder in the Magistrate Court; however, he tested positive for COVID-19 before being taken before the judge. Commissioner Williams says Gillett will remain in custody and will be arraigned in court after he recovers from the coronavirus.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “One person should be getting charged very shortly in respect to the murder of Dwayne Gabourel and we anticipate that person will be going to court his afternoon.”

Reporter: Do you believe that the investigators have an airtight case ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We are still investigating we have reached the stage where we have enough to charge but while we have the matter before the court there are certain things that we still need to do including requesting assistance from the FBI through the US embassy to enhance certain video footage for us and so that is being done as well but at this time we have enough to charge and we’ll build the case stronger as we go along.”

We understand that Gillett is currently in isolation at the Belize Central Prison. He is asymptomatic.