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Belize City Man Charged for Raping and Handcuffing Minor

A Belize City man has been charged for rape after a complaint was made to Police by a 14-year-old girl, in the company of her guardian and a social worker. 28-year-old, Sean Emmanuel Fisher appeared before Magistrate Khiana Gordon and was denied bail. Fisher was represented by Attorney Orson Elrington who told Love News that it is important to remember that every accused is innocent until proven guilty.

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney: We’re really at the preliminary stages at that matter. Currently what we’re trying to do is get bail for the accused and again I need to remind the public that it is just , an allegation and in Belize and in modern healthy democracies it is innocent until proven guilty and so while he faces some very serious charges he maintains his innocence and therefore we will be proceeding hopefully by the end of this week to try to get bail in that matter. But it is very much in the preliminary stages. He just got arraigned on Monday. 

Reporter:  Is your client indicating at this point whether it’s perhaps a malicious complaint being made against him since he retains his innocence ? 

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney: We honestly have not reached that point as yet. When they try to bring up matters like that again I remind them that we’re not at the trial yet, he simply says that he has a good defense for the matter and we’re pursuing bail on the matter. He really and truly has not provided me with any type of – we’ve not had the opportunity to really and truly sit down and discuss the case it self in detail as yet. Really and truly there has not been any disclosure by the prosecution as to provide the evidence to support the charges so we can’t say, we can’t answer to charges, you cannot respond to charges unless that evidence has been provided to the accused. They do have evidence, they do have preliminary evidence enough evidence to charge. Again the evidence to make a charge and the evidence to convict a person are two completely different thresholds and that is when the next stage of the trial will be what we call disclosure and at disclosure the prosecution will present all of the evidence that they have in which to support their charges and to which they believe would support them trying to get a conviction and at that point we would be able to respond to those allegations made by the prosecution if needed because at times there’s not enough evidence to even meet that minimum threshold and there’s no case to answer to but that is why again we just simply have to wait until his day in court to respond to those allegations against him.”

Love News understands that a bail hearing has set for Friday, June 25. According the victim sometime between February 1 and February 24, 2021, she was alone at home sleeping when she was awoken by a weight on top of her. When she opened her eyes she reportedly found Fisher over her. She further alleged that she realized her right hand was handcuffed to the bed and that both she and Fisher were nude from the waist down. The minor further alleges that she screamed and struggled, but Fisher placed a black sock in her mouth, then proceeded to rape her.