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Belize City man charged with murder of Albert Vargas Jr in Orange walk

Orange Walk Police have charged one man for the murder of Albert Vargas Junior. The 21-year-old was fatally wounded in Orange Walk Town on Tuesday night while he was along with a friend, Jose Medina in a Ford Escape. Police say they have evidence to show that both were accompanied by a third person, who has now been identified as  Nisani Daniel Garcia, a resident of Belize City. Today, Garcia was charged with Vargas’ murder. While there were several accounts of what transpired on that night, the police department released the results of its investigation into Vargas’ death. Still, however, ACP Joseph Myvett, the Head of the National Crimes investigation Branch says that investigators are still working on establishing a motive for Vargas’ homicide.

ASP Joseph Myvett, Belize Police: “The deceased Alberto Vargas was along with one Jose Medina travelling from a South to North direction in a green Ford Escape when they had stopped to pick up a passenger somewhere on the Belize Corozal road. Shortly after picking up the passenger the driver of the vehicle Mr.Medina decided to stop to order food and in the process of stopping he heard a commotion in the vehicle which caused him to alight the vehicle thereafter he heard several gunshots and upon him returning to the vehicle he observed the deceased Alberto Vargas slumping and bleeding. As a result he was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police have one suspect in detention in relation to this investigation.”
Reporter: Do police know who this passenger may be and is that the person you are looking for ?
ASP Joseph Myvett, Belize Police: “We believe that is the suspect we have in custody.”
Reporter: Have you all been able to ascertain why it was that Mr.Vargas was shot and killed?
ASP Joseph Myvett, Belize Police: “No we are looking at several angles which we are following in that regard.”

Police say that Jose Medina has been interviewed and cooperated with them.  The Police also say some of their leads point to a possible drug transaction occurring during the encounter and subsequent homicide.  When Police got a hold of the Ford Escape, they found four expended nine millimeter shells on the back passenger seat which supports the police’s report that the shooting happened inside the vehicle. They have not recovered the murder weapon.  Police say that Vargas was known to the police and only last year, he and his friend Jose Medina faced drug charges after police caught them with several pounds of marijuana. Authorities say his accused killer, Nisani Daniel Garcia  also had several encounters with the law.