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Belize City Man Claims He was Shot by Police

The family of 28-year-old Reese Fitzgibbon is alleging police brutality when he was detained on Saturday. The family claims that Fitzgibbon was detained for several hours without being allowed medical attention despite being shot prior to his detention. Additionally, his wife, Kameisha Shield, told Love News that she has not been able to communicate with him since his detention on Saturday. Our newsroom understands that Fitzgibbon was picked up in connection with a shooting on Amara Avenue.

Kameisha Shield, Wife: “The whole night we were calling the station asking when they would take him to the hospital. They didn’t take this young man to the hospital. But the only thing is that he had his phone on him because when they must have roughed him up and shot him and got frightened they must not have searched him they put him straight in the cell and that is how he sent us an SOS. When he sent us an SOS I ended up calling him. When we called him he said that he got shot. We sent him the last dollar that we had in our phone we transferred to him and that is how he bought dollar data. When he bought the dollar data he sent me the picture and he posted the post and tagged me in there he said those police shot me for no reason and he posted the picture but it looks like somebody reported the picture and they took it down and the police took away his phone. From then we haven’t had any kind of communication with him. We don’t know what is happening with him. We go to the station they don’t want to tell us anything.”

According to Shield, the situation is something worrying for the family because not only was he shot, but they are still unsure if he got the medical attention he needed. She also addressed the possibility that Fitzgibbon was resisting arrest.

Kameisha Shield, Wife: “Up to now we don’t know if he got his medication. We don’t know what is happening with him because they don’t want us to see him or have any kind of contact with him.”

Reporter: So they took him to the hospital and you still did not get an opportunity to see him ? 

Kameisha Shield, Wife: “We still haven’t seen him because when they took him to the hospital it was during curfew. So we can’t see him, we don’t know anything that is happening with him. But my babies told me that he was inside, the police came and handcuffed him from inside the house witching we have cameras in our yard. The police is a police that always goes there so he knows we have camera. He didn’t shoot him in the yard they handcuffed him put him in the truck, waited until he was already in the truck then shot him in the truck. By the time my sister in law was going to the truck asking what is happening they started cussing her out and drove off with him so nobody knew what part of his body until he sent us the picture.”

Reporter:  To your knowledge did he resist the police’s request or anything to be detained ?

Kameisha Shield, Wife:  “No sir. If he was resist arrest they wouldn’t have gotten to put that handcuff on him and they could have shot him at the moment. Why did they wait until afterwards? Why did they wait until he was already in the truck. How will someone resist arrest when you already have him handcuffed and already have him in the truck ?”

Fitzgibbon’s mother, we understand, tried to lodge a complaint at the Raccoon Street Station but the family told us they denied her the chance to do so. We will keep following the story.