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Belize City man dies after being shot in the head

Belize City’s latest murder victim has been identified as 32-year-old, Brian Armstrong. Armstrong was reportedly doig construction work on a friend’s house in the Gungulung Area around 6:30 last night when he was shot three times in the back of his head, and one time in the upper back. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, gave us more details.
A.C.P Joseph Myvett: “Last night sometime around 6:45 pm Belize City police was called to the CET Site area in the Lake Independence where upon arrival they observed the motionless body of Brian Armstrong with apparent gunshot injuries. The scene was processed as his body was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. What the police know so far is that sometime around 6:30 pm shots were heard in the area and as a result they were called where upon arrival that is when they found his motionless body there.  We are following several leads at this point in time and also we do not have a motive.”
Love News also spoke with Armstrong’s mother, Marjore Bainton, just as police had entered her yard, reportedly claiming to look for Armstrong, the deceased. She said that police have detained her nephew as well.
Mother of the Deceased: “I don’t really know what happened last night  because I was at home here. He doesn’t really live here, he lives in the back of Gungulung with his girlfriend. My friend upstairs called me and told me that Brian just got shot but I did not believe right so when one of my daughters called a young man named Joseph Nunez and asked him who got shot? He told her it was Brian, she told him that it was her brother. My niece came for me, I went out there and I met him on the ground. The police didn’t want me to see him, I told him that I needed to see him because that was my son and that I had to see my son. They told me that they have to identify the body first before I can see him so afterward my sister started to make noise and thing and that’s how they let me go in and see him. The girlfriend lives far from where he got shot because he went to do a little work where he got shot so he was fixing someone’s house. There are a lot of people out there that are after my son but I don’t really know who was his enemy you understand. The area where we live, if anybody comes here, my son in law comes here and they say he is along with the gang people here. Nobody can live here, around here. He had a young baby coming up but I think the girl had the baby already I am not so sure. He has one child but I don’t know if it is a boy or girl but the girl just had a baby this week that went. He was a nice person, he was funny, he laughed, liked to smile. When he smiled people smiled, a lot of people loved him and he could do a lot of things. The person called him to go and do a little job at his house because maybe he wanted the little money to take care of his family but the person who shot him shot him from back on. The person who shot him is a coward because they shot him from back on, they couldn’t face him.” 
Courtney Menzies: So tell me about what happened here this morning? The police came and raided the house?”
Mother of the Deceased: “They raided the house last night so I said they already killed my son so they took my nephew. They have him for 48 hours, they went, knocked on the door and told him they were looking for Brian. How could they be looking for Brian? And Brian is already dead.”
Armstrong had also alleged that he was being harassed by police back in 2016. According to him, he was at his home when an officer from the Southside Strike Team accused him of loitering and punched him in the mouth.////////////////