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Belize City Man Displaced by House Fire

A fire over the weekend is currently under investigation as its owner seeks to rebuild his home and restore some normalcy. Reporter Vejea Alvarez followed this story, and filed the following report.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: An illegal electrical hookup is said to be the source of a fire that destroyed a man’s house in JR Street Belize City. The blaze occurred just after six o’clock on the morning of Sunday July 25. Despite the efforts of the firefighters the wooden bungalow house and its contents are nothing now but burnt furniture and ashes. Homeowner 40 year old Tyrone Stevens was not at home when the fire broke out. He says he was visiting his sister when he got the news.

Tyrone Stevens, Homeowner: “One of my next neighbor from across the street she called me and told me the house was burning ‘Tyrone your house  is burning down.’ and she was crying so I had to believe but that left me in a little shock too because I am believing what I don’t want to believe but I have to believe what I don’t want to believe but I was in a little shock so I just rolled with the flow and flew to see what hurry when I realized the house was burned down by the time I reached back there.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: In speaking with Stevens hours following the fire he curiously concluded that the start of the fire was due to a mosquito coil he left unattended.

Tyrone Stevens, Homeowner: “Everything burned up. Everything burned, I lost everything because I was a barber too. All my barber supplies burned, everything is gone, clothes everything. I borrowed this suit I have on right now. I’m not ashamed this could happen to anybody and worst that this could happen to every and anyone.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: And while it may be sound advice to be aware of the mosquito coils the supervisor at the National Fire Service, Kenneth Mortis, says the fire had nothing to do with a burning fish.

Kenneth Mortis, Supervisor, National Fire Service: “I must say that the fish coil wasn’t a contributing factor as he have so justly claimed. Currently we are leaning towards what we would classify as an electrical overload or abuse of electricity. What happened Mr.Steven’s structure had an illegal electricity if I may use such a term and these are those fly by night electricians that aren’t registered with the electrical company. He had left on the Lasko fan which is an expensive but also a very cheap fan meaning that constant use and constant circulation of this fan without him giving the motor time to rest tends to overheat. We found the remains of such and after we had done our investigation on the scene we have concluded that the fire did start as a result of a fan.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  Steven says the loss is priceless and he welcomes any help to rebuild. He told Love News that staying positive is the only choice he has at this point.

Tyrone Stevens, Homeowner: “Brother I lost some important documents and some important pictures and so you know. I can’t really value anything. I don’t want to value anything. My little barbering stuff, clothes, whatsoever, bed, bureau, chair types have price you could tag those and come up with a fee but at the end of the day certain things got wrecked and gone that worth much more to me. So I just have to stay focused and try to be strong. I don’t know if anybody would want to assist and help a fallen brother. I would appreciate that too. I would greatly appreciate that with manners and respect too.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: If you are willing and able to assist Tyrone Stevens he can be reached at 623 8621.